Welcome to The “New” Soap Salon Website

Store bought soap is like fast food for your skin, not really that good for you. The best soap is the soap bought from your community soaper. The Soap Salon is the church of aromatherapy and natural skin care for the soap-maker community. The Soap Salon is a helpful guide to the beginner and the close friend to the veteran soaper.  With classes in soap making and techniques we combine the know-how with tools and ingredients the beginner needs to start their journey in natural soap making. We provide everything you need to make natural skin care products, from essential oils to shea-butter, we have it all. You can either buy what you need here on our site or come in to our home store to talk to our very knowledgeable staff.

We have you covered:

  • Soap Boxes
  • Large Orders
  • No order is too small
  • Molds
  • Custom Molds
  • One on One Classes
  • Large Classes

(This website is still under construction so some pictures and verbiage are missing but everything else is active so feel free to place orders)