At The Soap Salon we feature a wide variety soap molds and soap making supplies. We also custom make soap molds for you based on your own design. Our product lines include essential oils, fragrance oils, unscented and uncolored lotions, shampoos, conditioners, bath and shower gels, soap molds, and soap making supplies.

At the Soap Salon we are proud to offer the Soap Essential Signature product line of handcrafted soaps, body oils, bath salts, soap kits and other bath and skin care products that will delight your senses, lift your spirits and indulge your skin. Our products are made with carefully selected ingredients such as vegetable oils, nutrient oils, herbs and grains, essential oils and high quality fragrance oils, nut butters and much more. If you would like to experience a great product and excellent customer service, please visit our on-line store let us know what we can do for you.

We’re always working to improve the quality of our products. Once you’ve tried a bar of rich, lathering, fragrant home-made soap, you’ll never go back to using commercial brands.