“I have been using The Soap Essentials line of products for some time now. All the products are wonderful. I have used the soaps, after bath splashes, oils, lip glosses, etc. I love the product line. The oils are quite delightful. First thing in the morning, right out of the shower, I rub in the oil of my choice. It keeps my skin moist and keeps me smelling good for the rest of the day. I get many compliments throughout the day about how wounderful I smell. I am now a true Soap Essentials addict. I can not imagine myself using anything else on my skin. I now give all of my friends and family members the true gift of love (gifts from your product line). Thanks!”

Neva West Cosby – Sacramento, CA

“I tried your soap last night, and I LOVE IT!!!!! I can tell a difference in how it makes your skin feel. I do feel a lot cleaner….. I’ll have to order some from you.”

Shellie Higuero – Fairfield, CA

“My name is Thernest Brown and I am from Los Angeles California. I am writing you this letter to tell you how much I enjoy your soap package kit. I purchased some of your kits from a show around the Sacramento area and the funny thing about it is that I just packed it up in my suit case not thinking much about it. The next day I had to fly out to Vegas for a meeting and I had your Malik soap kit in my suitcase. I like the fact that your kit came came with a face towel, bodywash, lotion and cologne. I got compliments all day about your products and I like the way the soap makes my skin feel. Thank you for the samples; I told other people about your products.”

Thernest Brown – Los Angeles, CA

“For a couple years I have been fighting eczema on my hands from too much use of detergents and stress and so on, until recently when I started using Soap Essential’s Crème de Oils. They are devine! My skin was once bright red, rashy, sometimes bleeding and flaking with dead skin, now after using her cream de oils for only under a week, the eczema is COMPLETELY gone and my skin is like silk, all the redness gone and only creamy white skin remains. I had also been developing wart-like bumps all over the tops of my hands and brown spots from sun and aging. Now those are also fading and disappearing completely! My hands are becoming so BEAUTIFUL and young looking again! Many people have commented to me how the cremes give a “silky sheen” to their skin.I have found many uses for the creams. I rub the excess off my hands throughout my hair and it has made my once frizzy and dry, damaged hair look sleek and silky and radiant. Everyone asks how I make my hair so shiny. It’s my favorite hair product and I buy very good hair products! On top of it all, the creams smell so luscious you want to eat them, and the superior ingredients produce amazing results. I am totally addicted to this stuff for life! The scents are heavenly, and obviously much research has gone into developing each individual product – the potions are simply not ordinary run of the mill. These products are of the highest quality, what famous movie stars clamor for to preserve their youth and beauty/vitality.

I use all of Soap Essential Products – soaps, crème de oils, bath salts and spritzers, and love them all. One thing I noticed is as the bottle of cream drains, the glass is crystal clear and clean, which says to me that this is pure stuff. I tried the bath salts one night after cleaning my tub, and was concerned it might leave a film on the tub, but my bathtub was immaculate after the bath, which again tells me this is great stuff, because it’s not leaving an unnecessary film on my skin either. I ended up feeling completely relaxed as though I had had just come from a massage. And again, the scents can’t be beat – they are pure and original scents, not phony or artificial. It’s the real thing. One of my favorite aspects of the products is that they have no preservatives in them, which in this world is hard to find any more. The scents are real and have an intoxicating aroma that is gentle and pure, not phony or artificial.”

Shelly Jagd – Sacramento, CA

“I recently purchased a gift basket with essential oil, cremes, soaps and bath salts,for Him and Her – it was Wedding Gift basket, which was absolutely beautiful. I Had taken it to work with me and it was so beautiful everyone was asking where I got it and said they had never seen such loveliness in a gift basket such as this. The recepient of the basket was So elated and appreciative. After using the products, both husband and wife raved at the scents and luxurious ways that the cremes, oils and soap felt on their bodies. All I can say is Thanks Soap Essentials for making such wonderful natural products…”

Rebecca McWhorter